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Operating without guesswork. Golf intelligence begins with anticipating your customer’s needs, the who, what, when, where and why’s. ClubGrub delivers precise customer data that propels the golf business into the future.

ClubGrub, the new patent-pending mobile app that provides elevated on-course experiences for golfers, delivers unprecedented golf intelligence. The new app, which has proven to be incredibly popular with users in its pilot programs, lets golfers order expanded food and beverage items from anywhere on the golf course. Using the app’s integrated GPS technology, the club’s food & beverage service can quickly locate the golfer ordering and provide them with an extraordinary level of customer service.

The cloud-based solution increases on-course sales for clubs and delivers extraordinary member and golfer experiences without additional staff, equipment purchases, or beverage carts. Since golfers conveniently order on their smartphones, the only thing clubs need to reliably offer on-course service is a standard golf cart that runs orders from points A to B.

The breakthrough mobile ordering technology aims to grow the game with more social and inviting golf experiences and propel it forward for the next generation/into the future.

Whether it’s waiting for the beverage cart to find you, rushing in at the halfway house or scrambling for a bite before your round, a solution like ClubGrub has been decades in the making.  Food and beverage teams have experienced unprecedented challenges over the past few years and ClubGrub provides them with invaluable support by reducing labor-intensive order-taking and payment handling.  For clubs that operate a beverage cart, ClubGrub eliminates the guesswork of aimlessly driving around the course and immediately solves the question of who wants what, when, and where. Those concerned about losing the cart girl experience need not worry. With 18 holes to order from, you’ll likely see them now more than ever. 

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