ClubGrub, a leader in mobile food and beverage solutions for golf courses, announces the planned release for its much-anticipated Golf Food & Beverage Performance Report. This comprehensive document will offer an in-depth look into the current trends, statistics related to on-course ordering habits among golfers and opportunities for clubs to capitalize on experience-enhancing technologies.

The report, compiled from data across golf courses utilizing the ClubGrub app, will provide unique insights into the preferences and behaviors of golfers, with added focus on Millennial and Generation Z. It reveals patterns in food and drink consumption, peak ordering times, and popular menu items, offering valuable information for golf clubs aiming to enhance their service and boost revenue.

Key findings from the report will include:
– Trends in Ordering: Analysis of the most popular times and days for on-course orders, helping clubs optimize their staffing and inventory.
– Menu Preferences: Insight into the most ordered items, providing direction for menu expansion to cater to golfer preferences.
– Technological Impact: Data showcasing how mobile ordering has influenced spending habits and overall golfer satisfaction.
– Green Grass Impact: How F&B impacts the golf course experiences for millennial and generation-z golfers, likelihood of retention and its effect on lifetime golfer value.
– Operational Insight: Average time spent on order taking and opportunities to maximize experiences and revenue.

“ClubGrub is committed to not only providing top-tier mobile ordering solutions but also to offering actionable insights that help clubs and course restaurants thrive,” said Spencer Potter, Chief Executive Officer of ClubGrub. “ Our comprehensive report will encapsulate exclusive data fromß on-course food and beverage consumption, enriched with insights from seasoned club and restaurant managers who have generously shared their operational knowledge. ClubGrub has curated what we believe to be the most extensive and detailed collection of data to date in this domain, highlighting significant growth opportunities within the sport.”

The report will be a must-read for golf course operators, club managers, and industry professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve in member services and satisfaction.  The report is due to be released in early 2024. For more information on ClubGrub’s innovative mobile ordering technology, visit:

About ClubGrub:

ClubGrub’s industry leading mobile application enables golfers to conveniently order food & drinks from the clubhouse (or snack bar) for on-course service or quick grab & go. By integrating cutting-edge technology with user-friendly interfaces, ClubGrub streamlines the ordering process, increasing efficiency and member satisfaction.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Ordering Experience: ClubGrub provides golfers with a user-friendly, intuitive and on-demand app that allows them to connect to their clubs menu, access more creative options like craft beers and premium cocktails, and conveniently order, all within a few taps. 
  2. GPS Delivery: Our GPS-based delivery system ensures clubs can locate golfers accurate and real-time course location, eliminating the need for beverage carts to drive around aimlessly or use them at all.  
  3. Increased Revenue: By leveraging ClubGrub, clubs can tap into additional revenue streams by capturing previously untapped food and beverage sales opportunities.
  4. World-Class Member Experiences: ClubGrub helps clubs better anticipate member needs and deliver modern experiences for the next generation.

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