Golf entertainment at the heart of ClubGrub

ClubGrub reimagines modern golf entertainment with mobile food & beverage ordering and seamless on-course delivery.

Using integrated GPS technology, the new golf entertainment app ClubGrub lets golfers ditch the hot dog and warm beer and order more food options and premium clubhouse-caliber beverages – delivered to their exact location on the course.

Accessing food & beverage on the course has historically been fragmented and ranges from inconvenient to virtually impossible. ClubGrub’s golf entertainment app lets golfers place orders from anywhere on the course, and with its integrated GPS technology, clubs can locate them when it’s ready for a seamless and revolutionary delivery experience.

Golf entertainment and operations teams will experience the following benefits using ClubGrub’s Golf Entertainment App:

  • Provide Expanded Menu Options – from premium clubhouse beverages, healthier or more diverse food options, or pro shop items such as gloves, cigars and more.
  • Integrated Payments and Tipping – easily accept credit card payments as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Increase Pace of Play – eliminate lines at snack bars and halfway houses providing golfers with faster play, more enjoyable rounds and reduced complaints.
  • Quick Activation and Customized Menus – in just 15 minutes courses can activate their custom menus and start accepting mobile orders.
  • Convenient Chat Messaging – direct chat messaging between clubs and golfers as well as beverage cart girls, while adhering to the strictest cell phone policies.
  • Amenity Upgrade – clubs can cultivate a more modern club lifestyle by offering ClubGrub as an innovative luxury amenity for less than 1% of the cost of most capital projects.
  • Lifetime Support – provided by ClubGrub to all club & restaurant partners.

For more information: visit our homepage or press release to learn ways ClubGrub can be used at every golf course property from elite private clubs to daily-fee, municipal and resort courses. Thanks for reading and please contact us with any questions.

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