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ClubGrub, the new cart girl app is a workforce management solution for golf courses that streamlines food and beverage operations and provides golfers with real-time on-course ordering. This new app will drastically boost revenues for both the cart girl and club.

golf club mobile order app food and beverage

Owing to the recent growth in popularity of golf, the number of people who are hungry or thirsty on the golf course has grown from 40% to 50% since 2020. This new status quo has created operational challenges and ongoing opportunity loses for both public and private golf clubs.

ClubGrub golf order app is available everywhere.

Any course, anywhere in the US can start offering ClubGrub today! Our account reps will set up your club and be there to answer any questions along the way. With limited golf order apps available in the market, ClubGrub is the only golf course drink app that any golfer can use and shares pinpoint gps location to send your beverage cart exactly where it needs to go.

Cart Girl App – Ordering Food and Drinks

The Golf Cart app eliminates these problems by providing a centralized system for ordering food and drinks, streamlining staff work flow, tracking sales, monitoring inventory, and much more. If your club is still taking phone orders or aimlessly sending out the beverage cart without an app, you’re losing significant revenue every single day. The future of golf is here and it’s Club Grub.

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