Increase clubhouse profits with ClubGrub’s revolutionary golf technology

Increased Clubhouse profits and More Happy Golfers the ClubGrub Way

The golf beverage cart will soon be a thing of the past.

We are ClubGrub and we are introducing golf food and beverage technology to help golf clubs increase revenue and offer golfers a unique ordering experience via our club app.

Our revolutionary golf mobile ordering is highlighted in four ways:

Golf Technology

No additional costs

Increased Revenue

Menu Options

Our Technology

For the golf club, we will provide all the necessary training and ongoing support to ensure staff are comfortable with the software.

The only hardware that’s required is one iPad to accept incoming orders and payments with and that’s it – ClubGrub will even provide that!

Golfers can download our app on IOS and Android after scanning the QR code provided at the golf club.

No Additional Costs

Adopting ClubGrub means no additional costs. As already stated we provide the hardware in the form of a fully loaded iPad. There are no additional golf carts or staff required to manage the whole process.

Increased Revenue

The average round of golf takes well over four hours. This can leave golfers short of time for post-round food and drink in turn affecting the clubhouse’s overall revenue.

With the ClubGrub app, this is no longer a concern. Golf clubs can now pick up this additional revenue when golfers use the ClubGrub app to order their favourite food and drink whilst they are still playing.

Menu Options

The golf club can have complete control and flexibility over its menu options. It can promote the classics that always sell or options that offer higher profit margins.

Golfers can enhance their rounds by being able to choose the food and drink they want and how it’s delivered to them.

The golf club can increase its revenue and offer a service that golfers will truly appreciate at no additional cost.

All made possible with ClubGrub.

We're on it! A ClubGrub Specialist will be reaching out to you shortly.