The golf beverage cart app launches.

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What is the ClubGrub beverage cart app? 

The most easy to use and easy to implement golf ordering app allows any golfer to order food and beverages on the course at the click of a button. Our Beverage cart app is the must-have golf ordering app for 2024 and beyond.

club grub golf food drink order app

When will ClubGrub be available?

ClubGrub is available for download in the iOS store and Google Play store. his is so easy to use and setup, literally any club, anywhere can offer more menu options for all 18 holes. No more backup at the turn or sending your beverage cart attendant on a wild goose chase all over the course. This is the smart, streamlined and innovative way to reach more golfers and sell more drinks and food by giving your golfers exactly what they want. Convenience.

What makes this the best beverage cart app?

95% of golf courses do not offer a golf mobile ordering app, and about 99% do not deliver golf food and drinks on the course. Our innovative and exciting golf ordering app can be used at any course, by any golfer, and courses who participate, can track your live location on the course for pinpoint delivery. No other golf food app can do that, except us.

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