ClubGrub, Pioneering Golf’s Food & Beverage Technology Revolution, Showcased in The Met Golfer Magazine

[White Plains, NY, December 5, 2023] – Renowned sportswriter Hank Gola, recipient of the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association’s prestigious Lincoln Werden Award for golf journalism, praises ClubGrub’s breakthrough solution, stating, “Spencer Potterhas solved an age-old problem in golf – satisfying one’s hunger or thirst while out in the middle of the course, far away from the halfway house and the drink cart nowhere in sight.”

Spencer Potter, CEO of ClubGrub, shared, “I invented ClubGrub after enduring one too many lackluster golf course hot dogs and envisioning a significant opportunity to enhance the golfing experience through on-demand food and beverage solutions. ClubGrub goes beyond a mere call button for beverage carts; it provides golfers with real-time access to the clubhouse menu, spanning fresh fare, craft beers, premium cocktails, and even salads. All available for order from anywhere on the course and delivered with pinpoint accuracy at the tap of a button.”

Gola also highlights how Potter solved this generational problem with ClubGrub’s simple, yet impactful innovation. “An app that allows players to order food and drink and have it delivered straight to them from the clubhouse. ClubGrub connects the golfer and the kitchen, via a smartphone with a clickable menu, and GPS capability so a service cart knows exactly where to deliver the order.”

Potter added, “The enthusiastic response from golfers validates the demand for a contemporary golfing experience with more convenient access to food & beverage, more variety and frequency, with ClubGrub spearheading the industry’s next generation of innovation.”

Expressing personal pride, Potter remarked, “Being featured in The Met Golfer, a publication I grew up reading with my dad since the 1990’s, is a tremendous honor for our family and we thank our MGA club partners for their continued support.”

ClubGrub’s flagship market is the Metropolitan Golf Association’s region with ambitions to establish the New York metropolitan area as the epicenter for global golf technology innovation.  Golf media outlets covering golf business, technology or food & beverage innovation and interested in ClubGrub’s story should email

About ClubGrub:

ClubGrub is the award-winning mobile application for food & beverage ordering at clubs and golf courses that’s transforming golf into a contemporary, socially connected, and on-demand experience, while preserving its tradition and etiquette. Positioned at the intersection of golf business, golf technology, golf food & beverage, and modern club lifestyle, ClubGrub aims to make golf more fun, with faster rounds, at private and high-profile daily-fee clubs, and plans to expand operations to Ireland and the UK in early 2024.

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About The Met Golfer:

The Met Golfer, the official award-winning publication of the Metropolitan Golf Association, one of the nation’s oldest and largest golf associations, debuted in 1983 and continues to position itself as the nation’s top regional golf magazine. Published five times a year, The Met Golfer concentrates on local events, news, people, and issues in the Met Area golfing community. The magazine is mailed to the homes of more than 100,000 avid golfers. 

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