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Golf Technology

ClubGrub is the fastest-growing U.S. golf technology company with a mission of innovating golf experiences through convenient food & beverage ordering and GPS delivery. 

Born from decades of playing at both private & daily-fee clubs throughout the US, we deliver modern solutions to several universal problems plaguing virtually every course. The inconvenience of food & beverage access, the pace of play bottlenecks it creates, and the missed opportunities to drastically improve the golf experience by digitally connecting golfers with clubhouses. 

Accelerated by the pandemic, we deliver innovation on both sides of the transaction with food & beverage teams desperately needing support. Faced with smaller staffs, higher demand, and manual order-taking with no lead time, club staff endure stress on both the front and back of the house. 

ClubGrub gives the tools clubs and restaurants need to deliver modern golf experiences without compromising staff happiness.  So how does the industry juggle the current climate, future-proof itself from resting on its laurels, and simultaneously grow the game for the next generation?

Welcome to ClubGrub.

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ClubGrub's Founder

What started as a golf spirits brand in 2011 (19th Vodka), evolved into solving the generations-long & industry-wide challenges that every single golfer experiences. Hank Gola, award-winning sportswriter and recipient of the Metropolian Golf Writers Association’s Lincoln Werden Award for golf journalism, writes: “Spencer Potter has solved an age-old problem in golf – satisfying one’s hunger or thirst while out in the middle of the course, far away from the halfway house and the drink cart nowhere in sight.”  And he’s right.

In my journey to inventing ClubGrub, I uncovered 3 critical opportunities to improve the modern golf experience: Offer more than hot dogs, more opportunities to order, and eliminate slow pace / backups at the turn caused by food & beverage. (Among several other pain points when actually placing orders)

My love of the game and passion for solving this problem started with my Dad.  My brothers, and I would spend our childhood evenings golfing together with our Dad at Wiltwyck in the Hudson Valley, learning the game, but more importantly, etiquette.  His love of Wiltwyck paired with his social connection to its members ultimately led him to purchase a home on the 4th hole, which allowed him grab drinks with his friends during their rounds.  Since most of us won’t buy golf course adjacent homes to retire in, the big question became how do we give golfers this convenient experience, maintain the integrity of a sport steeped in tradition and history, and help the game evolve?

That’s how ClubGrub was born. As a creative problem solver, and armed with a deep understanding of Millennial & Gen-Z golfer psychology, I built ClubGrub with the goal of propelling the sport into its next generation and beyond.  Convenient, Predictable. Enjoyable.

Personal Fun Facts:

  • Handicap: 8.6 – If you know a great putting coach, please message me.
  • Former College Baseball SS/2B
  • Last 5 concerts attended in no particular order: Billy Idol, Elton John, Bob Seger, Spin Doctors & Smashing Pumpkins.
  • Dog and pet lover.
While I have a vision for how great ClubGrub can be including future products and integration features, I always welcome feedback on how we can make ClubGrub the app you can’t live without.  

Cheers to future!

Spencer Potter (in the white hat)

Our Mission

To make golf better and grow the game with more enjoyable food & beverage experiences and help our club/course restaurant partners operate more profitably through innovative food & beverage management. A win/win for everyone.

Why ClubGrub?

Our world-class amenity can help clubs delivery world-class hospitality experiences and cultivate modern club lifestyles for the next generation.  Clubs can now offer more exciting menu offerings from craft beers and premium cocktails to fresh clubhouse sandwiches and even salads. Have your golfers buzzing with ClubGrub.

How did we build ClubGrub?

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Several factors required consideration when we set out to build the world-class mobile ordering platform and solving this generational challenge. Primarily, meeting the unique needs of each golf & country club, their diversity in operations, landscapes & terrain, and staff & golfers of wide-ranging technological proficiencies. We teamed up with experienced industry professionals composed of General Managers, former Golf Professionals, Food & Beverage Managers, Golf Consultants, Small Business Entrepreneurs. & Innovators. 

This collective & proprietary data set allowed us to set out and employ a global tech team of over 30 developers, industry experts, designers, and engineers to engineer ClubGrub into the cutting-edge mobile platform that meets the needs of 2023 and beyond. After 24 months of laborious development, ClubGrub is already streamlining food & beverage operation at both private and high-end daily-fee/resort properties and helping drive new revenues, reduce labor costs and improve golfer satisfaction. But more than an app-based technology, our robust platform seamlessly connects golfer demand with business & hospitality opportunities and innovates the game for the sport’s next generation.

Boardroom Excellence in Achievement 2023

Golf’s current food & beverage system needs a mulligan.

Let's look at the most common options today:

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Steps for Halfway House / The Turn:

1) Golfers scramble into restaurant.
2) Wait for available server.
3) Give manual order.
4) Wait again for order to be prepared.
5) Try not to hold up the group behind them.

For Staff: Unpredictable order flow causes pressure for staff and pace of play problems.

Steps for call-in orders:

1) Golfer places distracting and time consuming call.
2) Call is typically passed around until received by the order taker.
3) Server must leave current post to answer call.
4) Server must relay menu and take order with customizations.
Average call time: 2 minutes.

For staff: Labor intensive & time consuming.

Steps for Beverage Cart:

1) Cart drives aimlessly around the course with a severely limited menu.
2) Hopes to find the right golfer, with the right product, at the right time.
3) Bugs every golfer if they're 'good?' or 'need anything?'
4) Lists off menu of what's available or left in the cart.
5) Prepares drinks.
6) Takes payment or Member ID.
7) Slows pace of play.

For Staff: They're often at the wrong place at the wrong time with a limited menu, no real food and slow the pace of play.

Simply put, our industry’s current food & beverage service is behind the current landscape of the 21st century. Looking forward, the current generation (and certainly future ones) are less likely to call-in orders, rush-in at the turn, using clunky cart-screen ordering systems or wait around for service. This means there are missed opportunities around every corner from both a food and beverage and experiential perspective, and one that only user-friendly technology can solve.  

ClubGrub is here to help.

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Light years ahead of the landscape but not a moment too soon

ClubGrub solves all of these challenges and allows clubs to easily adapt to modern-day conveniences and amenities.

Leading the golf tech innovation, ClubGrub’s emerging food and beverage mobile ordering platform is a cloud-based solution that helps clubs deliver an world-class amenity to their membership without the traditionally steep technology costs or complex staff training. Building your own single club restaurant app costs 50-100k+ and would not meet the standards, usability, or simplicity set by the ClubGrub mobile app. ClubGrub is a world-class mobile technology ready for any club and we’re continually adding new features and services within the app based on feedback from golfers and club operators. As great as ClubGrub is today, many more integrations are planned to make ClubGrub the app every golfer and club can’t live without.

The Future of Golf

Looking forward, the game is evolving with a new generation ready to become lifelong players and ClubGrub’s mobile technology ready to capture their enthusiasm in this moment and propel our sport into its next chapter. Convenience and experience are the new standards in golf hospitality and it’s imperative we drive the game’s sustainability for the next generation or risk losing the recent momentum.

It’s time golf technology meets the opportunity & demand of this moment. Welcome to ClubGrub!

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